How do you store loose leaf tea?

Updated: Jul 9

This is a common question we get from our customers. We also get… Does it really matter how and where you store loose leaf tea? How do you keep loose leaf tea smelling and tasting the best over time?

The simple answer is YES, it does matter how and where you store your tea. And why is that? Put simply, a loose leaf tea is sensitive to oxygen, strong odors, and moisture.

Why keep my tea away from OXYGEN / AIR?

Oxidation is a natural process that occurs in nature. This is the reason fruit or plants turn brown once harvested or picked. Think of avocados or apples turning brown when cut open and exposed to oxygen. Tea leaves also react in a similar fashion. Tea harvesters use this technique with fresh tea leaves to create very different variations of teas that vary in flavor, aroma, and strength, including green teas, black teas, Puerh teas, etc. Once the desired tea is achieved they slow down the oxidation process with different techniques, such as pan-fire roasting the leaves. However, the tea leaves still continue to naturally oxidize so it is important to store them in air-tight containers to prevent this from happening.

All our artisan Tucson Teas are stored in black UV protective and resealable bags that protect loose leaf tea from air exposure. If stored properly, your tea can taste and smell great for 2-3 years. Some of our customers also like storing their loose leaf teas in vacuum-sealed canisters. This also works great and is recommended.

Why keep my tea away from STRONG ODORS?

Many flavored teas are exposed to different aromas to add flavor. For example, our Jasmine Green teas are scented by exposing the green tea leaves with Jasmine flowers over a period of time. The loose leaf tea leaves end up absorbing the aroma from the flowers, giving the tea its great distinct aroma