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Authentic matcha bamboo whisks (Chasen) and bamboo scoop (Chashaku) are made from 100% natural bamboo. These traditional tools are durable, safe, and simple to use. 


To clean simply rinse with hot water and wipe clean. Do not use soap or dishwasher. Whisk should be stored in included container or placed on a whisk stand (Chasen-tate), which is not included. 


Chasen whisk and Chashaku scoop are sold as a set.  


- Chasen bamboo whisk is 4" tall, 2.5" at widest, and 1.25" at the base. 

- Chashaku bamboo scoop is 7.25" long and 0.3" at the scoop, and 0.25" at the top of the handle. 

Authentic matcha bamboo whisks (chasen) and bamboo scoop (chashaku)


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    At Tucson Tea Company we offer unique small-batch and herbal tea blends using high quality loose leaf teas from around the world, including organic and fair-trade loose leaf teas. Our goal is to bring joy to tea drinkers and non-tea drinkers alike. 

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